Haha, years ago, I signed a contract when you do not is the first prepaid give you five thousand dollars deposit? Yes, yes, yes! Aging and took the hand of the king of Chrysanthemum money, some trembling hand, he also knows that this daisy king did business, but give him a deposit of five thousand dollars. Now, he under a $ 20 dollar deposit, supra vaider, but did not give people a dry chrysanthemum. Aging is an honest man, and took the money, and my heart always felt a little sorry. Aging and hand stained saliva, supra shoes you, the aging and wife took the money, and carefully cheap supra shoes stared and said then I ask, Who are you? We once knew?

I thought the supra sale will be like three years ago that rainy day, crying, but did not think, I he surprised laughed. The sun is so good and so sweet, floral, my laugh, is also true bright fragrance. I said, Oh, admit it, we were strangers. Then, I greet the soft cherry, happy birds, running and jumping opened. The cherry fly the best, me this long sad crush, has finally ended.He handed the money to the inanimate, and went brothers, your first point on it, rush to go out, I did more than any money, two thousand dollars is too small, cheap supras even deposit it!



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